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Online Malayalam dictionary Contains 80,125 words with malayalam meaning. Type englsih words and search for its malayalam word meaning.

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Download English Malayalam Dictonary

English Malayalam Dictonary helps to find malayalam meaning of english words. Dictonary is a very helpfull tool when doing an english malayalam translation. An installable version of English Malayalam Dictonary is released by Kerala Government for all operating systems.
Download English Malayalam dictionary from the Malayalam project website by kerala government.
There is another version of english malayalam dictionary is available for download. This version is made by Cdac.

English Malayalam Dictionary Installation GNU/Linux

for Debian or Ubuntu install deb package available. For other Distros Malayalam dictionary can run using python command.

English Malayalam Dictionary Installation Windows

1. Install python and Pygtk

2. Install Meera Malayalam Font in windows to get it work.

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Can't Read Malayalam . Install Malayalam Font and try again.

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